Saturday, October 17, 2009

A few days "rest" if that's what you wanna call it : )

We started our weekend off with a nice birthday party for Jason's Mom, and it was our FIRST official gathering at our new home. It was a busy day, but I am so glad that we were all able to get together and celebrate Jason's Mom's Birthday, she does so much for us and this was the LEAST that we could have done. Jason was such a big help (and I'm pretty demanding) cooking, AND cleaning up afterward!! I think that Jason' s Mom enjoyed the evening and I can't wait to see her new Pandora bracelet with the charms that she has chosen. Here is a picture of her blowing out her candles on the cake...I forgot the ice cream : )
This morning we had a yard sale and it was nice to purge some "stuff"...I am NOT a "stuff" and "nic nac" kind of person so I wanted to get rid of a lot of things that we didn't want to "transplant" into the new house...we sold a lot, and pretty much gave a lot away was difficult to let go of a few of the nicer things, but I refuse to clutter this new house. Afterward (while Blaine was napping), Jason and I brought all of the Christmas decorations in from the barn and put them in upstairs storage for easy access during the upcoming Holiday Season, AND, we finally cleaned out the garage so that I can pull my car THAT is going to be AWESOME!!! I went out to pick up the lamps that we had made at Towel Town, and Jason and Blaine napped later in the afternoon since Jason had to work tonight.

After Jason went to work Blaine and I played in the living room floor for a long time and strolled around the yard...visited Maverick in his kennel and took some cute pics on the front porch. Here are a few of them...I cannot believe that Blaine will be 9 months old on Monday...his grandma Dawes' Birthday. The three of us are "19th babies" : ) I love how tiny Blaine looks by the front door...I know that 16 or so years from now when I take his prom pictures in the very same spot they will look much different...

It was really COLD this afternoon during our afternoon walk!! I know it looks funny to have such heavy clothes on this early in October...but it was warranted!!

A lot of landscaping to be done...We finally got the lights moved and mirrors hung in the guest bath. We are still waiting for touchup paint in the master I will post those soon!!

I love that Blaine tries to eat Daisy's tail in this video LOL I was trying to catch him standing alone, which he does often now...he moves from one piece of furniture to another easily, and it is rumored that he has taken "a step" but I haven't seen that yet...As you can see Blaine is very boisterous and I am thankful that I have such a tolerant dog because I believe I even saw him stick his fingers in her eyes today as she sat helpless...

Just a side note...with Halloween coming I am thinking that we should have picked a different costume for Blaine. The backup lion costume (long story) came in that I ordered for him and I thought that it might be a good idea to get him used to the cutie pie hat. Well...I don't think that Blaine is going to look like a lion because he WILL NOT let that hat stay on his we'll see how that goes...could be interesting!!


  1. shawn...he looks so tiny by the door!! at first, i didnt even see him in the first picture! PRECIOUS!

  2. I am assuming that this is Sara : ) do you have a blog???

  3. I love your blogs! Even though I get to see Blaine, the comments and pictures just add so much! Tears came to my eyes when I thought about him going to the prom! How well I remember Jason's first prom! They do grow up so fast, so treasure every minute!! Love you all!

  4. The house looks fabulous! Love the front porch. I can't wait to come visit and see that adorable little boy, again. Love you!

  5. hey girl, yes its i havent gotten into a blog...yet??! not sure if its for me, but i enjoy reading my friends' blogs! :)

  6., just watched the video and wow! your dog is tolerant! our little howey wouldnt allow that! (but he doesnt have a tail, so itd be tough, haha) :)