Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bitter sweet...and some catch-up...

Today we said goodbye to our old home as it was rolled off of our home site. I was so excited about it and ready to see it go...until I had to run home during the school day (I left my inhaler at home this morning) and I saw it (our mobile mansion) being dismantled and rolling away. This had been mine and Jason's home for almost 4 years...the longest I have lived anywhere since I left my parent's home for college. This home had served Jason and I well all the way up until it was time for us to start a family. When we decided to have Blaine Jason and I knew that it was time to make a move into something roomier and safer!! Those who know us well know that it was quite a journey from the trailer to the house. It was difficult for us to watch our friends purchase homes while we still lived in the trailer (if that makes sense), but we were focused on our goal. Jason and I wanted to be able to build a home that would grow with us and our family. We had some pretty specific requirements: had to have a garage, had to have a man room, had to have a formal dining area, we wanted 3 bedrooms 2 baths on the first floor and a large unfinished upstairs for storage and future expansion. We weren't going to settle for any less than what we had set our sights on, and we wanted to make sure that we could comfortably afford it. The timing with the economy made for the perfect storm (low interest, bottomed out prices on labor and materials) and we finally are realizing our dream.

We still have a lot of work to do though. Our bathroom fixtures had to be moved slightly to be centered with the sinks and now there is a little bit of touch up painting that needs to be done so we haven't hung the mirrors yet. Lot's of organizing is still in the works, and the blinds have been ordered and we are waiting for them to come in and be hung...the ones in the bedroom are a dark cherry finish so they had to be special ordered...they are in and hung, but the rest of the house are not in yet so we hung a sheet in the living area that we spend the most time... We are having a yard sale on Saturday (weather permitting), and afterward, whether we sell it all or not, we will have a clean garage!! We have a lot of furniture that we are not using in the new house a small dining room suit, end tables, a few pictures, kitchen utensils, a lot of brushed nickle lamps, and accessories. The finish of our fixtures and such are now oil rubbed bronze so we are ditching all of the brushed nickle accessories that we previously had. Maybe after this weekend is over and there is more "stuff" out of our way we can finally get down to the fine details of organizing. Everything is sort of "in place" or at least in the room that it is suppose to be in, and we are working a little bit at the time to get things just right.

I got home pretty late yesterday after a hair appointment and some running around. Jason had put Blaine to bed, taken care of a sick Daisy and was obviously exhausted. We decided to make it a movie night and watched Ghost of Girlfriend Past (I think that's right) and we both enjoyed it and went to bed...not a lot of house work was accomplished, but that was OK we enjoyed the house together...and it was nice.

We are very excited to be hosting our very first family even at our home on Friday. Jason's Mom's birthday is Oct. 19th and for so long she has been planning her own Birthday. We are honored to be hosting her birthday this year and she doesn't have to do one thing but show up. We are so excited to have a dining area that can seat 6 and a bar that can seat several comfortably, a covered porch, and a patio that we can enjoy if the weather is nice. Finally, more than enough room to spread out and not be right underneath one another... We have already invited my family over for a real family dinner too. Not that we haven't ever cooked for our friends and family...but never when we had this much space to breathe!! I love having a home that feels warm and inviting to our friends and family. I hope you enjoy the pictures of our new home...more to come as we progress...

Master Bedroom

from front door
entrance at side door (garage)

guest bedroom

My goal is to post some pics of the porches and patio after this weekend, and our new view with the mobile masion gone!! : ) Thanks for sharing!!


  1. I love your updates! Hope you are sending them to Susan! Everything is looking so nice . . . it just takes time to get everything in place! You are doing a wonderful job with the decorating . . . it is a beautiful, warm and comfortable HOME!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new dining room table! Everything looks great. Love you!

  3. Melissa the dining room table is my FAVORITE thing about the new house!!