Saturday, October 10, 2009

Just a little detour!!

We decided to take Blaine to the pumpkin patch this weekend (in the middle of the madness). Jason and I discussed how busy we were going to be, but decided that we should make sure that Blaine got to experience the awesomeness of Fall. I love Fall, it has become by far my favorite season. Fall is when I fell in love with Jason, and every year the smells and the coolness remind me of how it all happened. I remember carving pumpkins with Jason in the fall of 2003 and really not expecting more than a friendship...going to Draughn farm in Leggett and walking down to the waterway with Maverick (that's Jason's lab of almost 12 years)...just feeling so free. I remember visiting the corn maze with a bunch of friends and learning that Jason loved me (even when I wasn't ready to reciprocate, silly me...) This is the time in my life when I learned what was important, and Fall will always be a reminder of this, so I love ALL of the things about Fall!! enough with the mush...

We had an awesome visit to Briley Farms today with Al, Melissa, and Jackson...have I ever mentioned how excited that I am how close together in age they are!! Jackson has changed so much since the last time that I saw him (which was way too long I might add...with all this house business going on...) he is smiling and LAUGHING...he is developing WAY ahead of schedule and I am already convinced that he is going to be a little Einstein!!! You can see in the pictures that I am going to post that he is examining everything and learning so much from his environment. It is just amazing how much babies change in their first couple of months of life. Jackson is beautiful and I am so excited that Blaine will have him to grow up with...if only he were closer we could see him every day!! : )


This was at the duck display

Eventually Blaine actually started to CHEW on the display...

Blaine is obviously ready to play with Jackson...

We ended the afternoon with dinner at Larry's (which was a relief because I was exhausted from moving more stuff when we got home from the pumpkin patch). Blaine enjoyed being able to crawl wherever he wanted to outside and CRASHED when we got home...

I know everyone wants to see pictures of the house, and we're getting close to being finished moving in...but I must say it's amazing what you can fit in an 1100 square foot mobile seems never ending...Thank goodness ECU is on fall break this week and I will have some time to get things in the new house organized!! : )

Jason and I are so excited about our new is amazing the sense of accomplishment that comes with building a home, and especially contracting it yourself. Everything has turned out more beautiful than we imagined it would and I promise to post pictures by the end of the week...we are still waiting for a few minor details to work themselves check back next week this time and there should be more pictures posted!!

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  1. Looks like y'all had fun! I can't wait till Lea is older and she & Blaine can have a play date. :)