Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ahhhhh Fall Continues...

Our family enjoyed another beautiful Fall weekend. Jason was off this weekend so it was nearly perfect!! I LOVE it when we are lucky enough to have a weekend off together, for some it may seem trivial but for us it is so nice. We go to bed at the same times, wake up at the same times, and we are quite the team getting so much accomplished. On Friday we stayed home and got a few things done around the house. Saturday was super productive. Jason and I finished up hanging the bathroom mirrors, got a FEW pictures on the wall. Our patio in the back is complete now so we gave our patio furniture a fresh coat of paint and arranged it outside. We still want to get some rocking chairs for our front and back porch, and we'll get there...just a little at the time. Jason did some work in his "man room" too, he is so excited about it. We got a lot done in the house...lots of cleaning lots of finishing up projects...Saturday night we had some friends over to watch the UFC fight. This is one of the few things that Jason still does with his friends (who are mostly single) so we make it a tradition to get the together about once a month. I enjoyed the girl time, and I KNOW that Jason enjoyed being with his "boys".

I have a few pictures from today - Sunday - of Blaine. We spent midday in the woods in our back yard changing the batteries in Jason's deer camera and putting out corn...I think he is planning to hunt a couple of afternoons this week.

Blaine LOVES being outdoors, and today was definitely the day to be outside with him...he has developed quite the little "tude" lately...sleeping habits have changed a little. We have made some changes in his overall schedule so I think things will work themselves out. I really think he is working himself toward the 1 nap a day schedule, but I am going to follow his lead as I have from the beginning and it'll work itself out. Today was such a nice relaxing day. Jason and I napped both times that Blaine did today (I lazy of us) and we watched a little tv, cleaned and enjoyed each other. Tonight Jason built a fire in the fire pit outside and we sat and talked for about an hour. It was so nice to feel connected to him, and enjoy each other in a relaxing situation...that doesn't happen very much anymore : ) Life is good!!

This week is gonna be a busy one, but a good one. Jason is on first shift all week, so it will feel a little "normal" : ) !!


  1. Blaine is just adorable in that hat! :)

  2. I think all 9 month olds must get that "tude" thing! :-) Good to hear that all is well with you all!