Saturday, November 14, 2009

Finally a video...all about Blaine...and a lot of pictures...

I usually do not post much about what happens during the week...this is for a lot of reasons. First of all I am totally wrapped up in school Monday and Tuesday nights, and depending on Jason's schedule for the week i am totally consumed with Blaine and laundry...However, this week I was blessed with a midweek break. Because over the weekend Jason worked third shift I was unable to do my "weekend cleaning" so I caught up on Wednesday. When I clean I just include Blaine in the process. I vacuum and Blaine follows me around....I dust...and Blaine....follows me around. Blaine is a part of everything that I do, and I like it that way. From the very beginning Jason and I have made a go of this "parent thing" alone. We made it through the first weeks all by ourselves, because that is what I wanted. I wanted Jason and I to do this together and bond together, and with Blaine...and there is no doubt that that happened. I realize that this is NOT how everyone chooses to make the journey, but we did. Now, I must admit that at times this is not the easy route, but this is us... So I continue to take care of Blaine almost EVERY free moment that I have because he is my son, and my responsiblity, and I want to be the biggest influence in his life....WOW, what a tangent...lets get back to the week...Here are a couple of pictures of Blaine "helping me clean". He had a little infatuation with unraveling the toilet paper as we went along...but he loves the vacuum cleaner too!!

So Saturday Blaine got his first big boy haircut...yep, my (almost) ten month old got his first haircut,and yes for all of you traditionalists (I am NOT) my child got a haircut before his 1 year birthday. Let me say I have a secret dislike of boys with long hair. Please do not ever share this with Blaine because surely he will grow the longest hair ever if he hears that...but his hair was beginning to grow over his ears, and was "straggly" in the front and in the back. There was also the looming "mullet like" thickness around the back I decided to schedule an appointment with our hairdresser...the fabulous Meiling. Jason and I (Jason is behind the camera) took Blaine in Saturday morning and got him all trimmed up, and he looks so are a few pics from the process....

Blaine did GREAT, and Meiling even used the clippers. Blaine occassionally tried to turn around to see what in the world all that buzzing was behind his ears, but he hung in there for a long time. Let me add that Jason INSISTED that I take some of the hair so that he could tape it in Blaine's baby book. I am not a traditionalist so I was just gonna throw the hair in the trash...guess we'll see if Blaine really cares about that hair in 20 years : )

On Saturday while Blaine and I were playing he finally showed some interest in his Indian gear that his grandma Dawes brought him back from the mountains. He actually kept those feathers on his head for a while. Daisy was a little concerned at one point that the feathers might be a duck so she had to check them out!!! : ) As you will see they didn't last long before Blaine took them off...

I am NOT ready to put all of our Christmas decorations up yet, however my coworker Robert gave Blaine a Christmas Tree for his room, and it had colored lights!!! So Blaine has his very own tree with his very own decorations. Robert has single handedly decorated my house for the fall (Halloween and Thanksgiving) and has now almost taken care of Christmas. Robert gave me window candles for almost all of my downstairs windows, icicle lights for the outside (that I am trying to convince Jason to put up) and other Christmas goodies...for the rest of the house. When you go to Robert's house during the Holidays it is Christmas, and I want our house to feel like Christmas too. I always want Blaine to remember Christmas as a warm family holiday with all of the smells and sounds of Christmas. So a BIG thank you goes out to him for warming our home... I don't usually use colored lights on our "Big Christmas Tree" so I thought that it would be nice to put the tree in Blaine's room. Blaine anfd I had fun putting up the Christmas tree in his room. I know that I'm probably a little "looney" but I thought that it might be a good idea to put his Christmas tree up so that he could see the lights and perhaps we could do some desensitization about it before we put up the big tree...whew...we'll see I guess...OK, so I know that I'm fooling myself it's gonna be rough trying to keep him out of the Christmas Tree!!

It's amazing that I remember this time last year when I was so miserable...I was desperate for Blaine to come, and come SOON!! We speculated about all of the things that he would be doing by this Christmas, and let me say he has already exceeded all of our expectations.

Blaine also learned to clap his hands...When I got up with Blaine Friday morning I was talking to him and Playing with him...I was clapping his hands together and he started to clap them on his own. I know that Blaine's grandma loves to play patty cake with him so I think he is finally catching on...and he KNOWS that I love it!! Here is a little video of him "clapping his hands" : )'

Blaine has been "starting to walk" now for the last several weeks. He is now at the point that he walks a couple of steps and stops to catch his balance and continues... I have been struggling to capture this on video probably because I am ooooing and ahhhhhing while he is actually doing it and not worrying about capturing it on video...BUT here is my first even close to catchin' it...WARNING you'll have to turn your head to see some of it...

So here are a couple of steps.

Tomorrow we have our Christmas pictures with Bill Goode. Blaine is growing so fast and this will be our first family picture since his 3 month pictures. I can't wait!!

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  1. What a BIG boy! I can't believe he is walking! So adorable. Glad y'all are doing well. Love you!