Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two in one week...WHOA!!

All of the Dawes' had a great weekend this weekend!!  Jason had class all week in Greenville so we were really lucky to have him at home this weekend, AND he will be home ALL week : ).  Friday evening we had dinner with Jason's parents and enjoyed some Wii fun and just hanging out!! Saturday was a BEAUTIFUL day and Jason and I were determined to get outside and enjoy some of it.  We bounced out of bed on Saturday and worked so well together to get the house cleaned, and I mean REALLY cleaned...all with Mr. Blaine following behind the two of us.  Afterward we went outside and play, play, played.  We walked all over the yard, played on the slide, visited Maverick, checked our trees, Blaine rode his little 4-wheeler, climbed the front steps (100 times) walked to grandmas, rode the 4-wheeler to the farm saw the ducks, and pigs, and was a grand day. 

Today we all got up and headed to Sunday school...afterward we went to my parent's house and visited with my parents and Al, Melissa, and Jackson.  We played a lot outside and my parent's house too and Jason and I even napped on the sofa while Mom played outside with Blaine and Mel and Jackson napped in the recliner.  It was truly a lazy Sunday.  Afterward we headed to the Winder's what was suppose to be a very casual supper (we were suppose to eat pizza - takeout).  Kim and I had discussed doing take out so that we could have plenty of time to visit with each other and not stress about cooking...of course she decided that lasagna sounded much better - and I have to admit it ROCKED!!  I took some pictures of Miss Anniston, and even managed to get one of she and Blaine although I don't think that they were both looking at the camera...It was such a lovely weekend, I'm so looking forward to many more warm ones...I am dying to get our yard straightened out!!!

Blaine is still battling a runny fever, no nothing BUT a runny nose...we assume that this is related to the 3 tooth that are up and coming - 2 of them has broken through but one on the top is still "on the way"...Blaine has started some really unpleasant habits that I thought I still had a little while before I would have to deal with them...stomping feet and hitting his hands on things when he doesn't get his way.  I am not really sure how to deal with this, but I am trying a few different strategies...we'll see how they go.  The last thing I want is "that child" that hits someone Else's child, or that acts like a complete brat for NO apparent reason.  I'll keep you posted on how things go...I'll even try to catch a video of one of his melt downs and I'll take discipline suggestions.  I really don't want to pop him (because I feel like this validates the hitting behavior) and I don't think that he understands time out yet....

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