Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trying to remember to soak it all in...

I had a very "relaxing" weekend. I speak often about trying to soak "it" all in. I hear people say all the time that they can't remember when their child was Blaine's age. I know that I will at some point have difficulty recalling some events, but I at least want to stop and revel in what is happening as it happens. I never want to wish this time in my life away, as difficult as it can be at times.

Earlier in the week we had a nice evening with Brandon and Jessica, Jim, and Courtney. We are so blessed to have friends that so willingly come our way so that Blaine can sleep in his own bed, same routine, no babysitter...we love them!! : ) We had a lovely dinner (turkey loin), and played some Guestures : ) It was fun, and if I remember correctly the GIRLS dominated!! : ) Either way we really enjoyed remembering that we are more than husband, wife, mother and father...we all need those moments...

This weekend Jason was off again!!! The time off on the weekend seems to come all at one time, but I know that the time working on the weekends looms in the near future. I have enjoyed every minute of it though. Friday Jason cooked tacos for us, and watched Blaine while I winded down from a long work week. Saturday Jason had planned an early morning duck hunt, but he opted out because of the weather... (later his hunting buddies called and said that they had a great hunt). We stayed at home all day (most of the day in PAJAMAS...YAY!!!), but walked next door to Jason's parents for Chinese food Saturday evening...Today we went to the early service at Jason's family's church, and came home and napped while Blaine napped before Jason had to go to work. I went to my Mom's to prepare for our Saturday gathering with my Mom's side of the family at our house. I am so excited for Mom's side of the family to get together...we haven't really done anything just for her family since my grandparents died many years ago. I want Blaine to know everyone in his family, and I want us to build some Christmas traditions that he can look forward to every year...I think that is an important part of a child's certainly was mine!! I hope that next year we can do something to include my Dad's side of the family...I just thought it would be a bit much to do two gatherings the first year...but we are going to work on it for sure!! Today I spent the afternoon with my Mom and Melissa making all of the fixings for our first "Robinson" family gathering in a few years...we made some "green" punch that I LOVE, and peanut butter chocolate cookies. I know I say it often but I really wish that Al and Melissa, and Jackson lived closer!! Blaine made it through the day on one nap (much to my dismay). When we got home we went to Jason's Mom and ate navy beans and salty ham biscuits : ) I will pay for this tomorrow when I weigh in and have retained a pound of fluid...

10 more days til' Christmas vacation!!!

I am so lucky to have Jason as a husband. We are so different in so many ways, and I think that that is what makes us good together. Being different offers it's challenges...I am a type A get it done RIGHT NOW kinda person. Jason is a ummm type Z I'll get to it go with the flow kinda person. However a rainy day = Jason has nothing better to do/becomes a type A person...worked out well so we finally got a couple of things on the wall that I had been waiting to get up. We hung Blaine's name in his nursery (sorry no pic, he was in bed when I finally thought about it), and we put the "some people don't believe in heroes but they haven't met my dad" saying up that was in Blaine's original nursery - we loved it so much that we but it up in his new room. Still a lot left to do, but we are taking baby steps...We did get Blaine's Christmas pictures up too, I haven't decided where to put my portrait yet, but that's in the works...I love my husband!!

Here are a couple of pictures and a video from the week. Blaine is walking or should I say almost RUNNING now...he goes all over the house from one end to the next all day long. He is eating more and more table food, but still doesn't have any teeth...I know they are coming soon though he is drooling more and more and continues his daily low grade fever...I love him more and more every day (which is really scary)!!!

Blaine started to do this crazy thing with is arm while he was walking and Jason and I were trying to capture it on video. He is cruisin' just watch...

Blaine enjoyed the mess while I cleaned his closet out!! : ) I know, already and we just moved in less than 2 months ago...found this elmer fudd hat that is a newborn size : ) he has a small head...but very proportional hahahaha

Jason took this picture during the week while he was keeping Blaine...he LOVES Daisy's bed...we have even thought of getting him his own for Christmas!!

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  1. Blaine is so freakin' cute!!! I can't believe how well he is walking! I want to come visit at your new house... let me know when some good dates would be. Love you!