Friday, September 18, 2009

Some of the irons in the fire...

First real post...and there is a lot of updating to do...

This week has been an interesting one...Blaine got sick on Sunday evening/night so Monday morning I took off work and Jason and I both took Blaine to the doctor. Since I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before I napped while Blaine napped. I had class in Greenville Monday night so when I got home Blaine was fast asleep... That night for the first time EVER Blaine slept with me. I came home, scooped him up out of his bed and brought him to mine. Jason was on third shift (oh the joys of law enforcement) and I just wanted him to be close to me so that I could hear him breathing. He tossed and turned all night, and so did I. I worked on Tuesday as Blaine seemed a little better, and Jason's Mom always takes care of him and loves him up just like I would! Tuesday night Blaine developed a "croupy" cough and started with the fever again so I stayed at home with him again on Wednesday. I didn't realize how hard it would be to leave him when he is sick. Did I mention that Wednesday Jason and I (as well as Jason's Mom) seemed to develop what Blaine had so that made for a difficult work week. I worked Thursday and today.

On a more personal note I have been trying to get off these last few (ok who am i kidding last 25) pounds that I gained during my pregnancy. I have really been going strong for almost 2 weeks and I have lost almost 10 lbs. I am really starting to feel "normal" again, and I am starting to be proud of how I look again! I am in some of my pre pregnancy clothes and this alone helped to raise my spirits. My goal was to be in the "150s" by the time we go on vacation in another week. I shouldn't have any problem reaching that goal. The problem will be keeping it off while we are ON vacation!! : )

I am really excited about the Hatteras trip coming up with Jason's family. I love Jason's family as if they have been my family my entire life!! Jason is going to go down next weekend and I will join them on Wednesday night...yep that's right Blaine Dawes will be away from me for THREE nights :( I am not really sure how I am going to feel about this, but I will see very soon!! the house. We are still hopeful that we will be in or atleast in the process of moving in the first week in October. The electrician is coming on Friday to finish putting up all of the light fixtures and we should have electricity to the house on Monday after the final electrical inspection. Thursday our granite counter tops are being installed and things should roll pretty quickly from there. Friday we are expecting the hardwood to be finished and it will have to sit for the remainder of the weekend with no one, including ourselves allowed in the house. On Monday or Tuesday the plumbing should be completely finished and we should have WATER in the house which means I can CLEAN which I have been dying to do!! The final thing that has to be done is some back filling (Jason's job : ), the patio out back is going to be poured, and carpet (which is going in on Oct. 1), and we hope touchup paint will be done on Oct. 2, so when we
return from the beach we should be set to move in !!! We purchased a lot of furniture last weekend, a dining room suit, a new bedroom suit, and 2 recliners and an accent chair for the living room, we are hoping that it will be in by the time we are ready to move in!! So if anyone would like to join us for a moving/cleaning party the following week, by all means come on!!

Wow that got way longer tahn I thought it should have....I'll post pics of the house real soon...

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