Monday, September 21, 2009

Off and usual...

The weekend went wonderfully...Friday one of my dear friends from college went into labor and she welcomed a beautiful baby girl on Saturday, Congrats Jessie, Kevin and the new Lea Calynn Thomas!!  I was able to spend a lot of time with the boys this weekend because Jason was off work on Saturday and Sunday.  I love it when he is off on the weekends, and particularly Sunday's.  Saturday we spent a lot of time at home working around the house, Jason is working on getting the back filling done with the tractor and I did some cleaning inside our current home and played with Blaine.  We rode the 4-wheeler together (yep ALL 3 of us) to the farm and saw the pigs and the bull, circled the pond and came home. Saturday night we went to a cook out for Jessica and Brandon, a couple that is renting the tenant house at the farm and Jason invited them, as well as Corey over for the UFC fight that night.  I was exhausted by the end of the day...but had a great time with my family and friends.  Sunday....Ahhhh good ole' Sunday's.  Jason, Blaine and I met Al, Melissa, and Jackson at church and had lunch with my parents afterward.  We came home and had dinner with Jason's parents, his grandma, and Michael...boy did we eat that day.  Jason finished up the backfilling while I pulled Blaine around in the wagon, and peeled stickers off of the windows in the new house.  I wish that every day looked like today did...laid worries...

I love going to church with Jason and Blaine, I feel so close to Jason when we go together, and I love that Blaine gets some play time with other children...he is moving so fast these days and is going to be walking in no time.  I love to just grab him and squeeze and smell him as he struggles to get away from me because he just wants to go go go!!

This week has started off as most of them do...FAST.  Work today, then dentist appointment, then rush home to spend some time with Blaine before bedtime...he goes to bed so early...7:00 pm but he is exhausted and so DONE by then!!  Promise to post new pics of the house tonight...we have light fixtures and it is looking soooooooooo good!! 

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